Community/Parent Survey Results

What additional safety precautions, if any, would make you feel more comfortable about your student(s) returning to school?
50 responses


Good handwashing, any cough stays home, general CDC guidelines being followed

Keeping them home intel every thing is cleared up


Our children need to go back to school in a traditional format with no social distancing requirements. Science has proven that there is nearly zero risk to those under the age of 18.

improved cleaning of the classrooms

Sending home students when they are not feeling well-not all Covid cases come with fevers.

Increased cleaning DURING the school day (versus only before/after), communication with parents what the precautions are, encouraging handwashing especially among lower elementary students who constantly have their hands in their mouths

Washing hands – not just sanitizer.


more encouragement for sick kids to stay home

I’m ok with the options stated

My student will not be wearing a mask.

If the number of Covid 19 cases increase, I would prefer for students to be taught remotely if mandated be the State.

There is always going to be people that send their kids to school sick. How do you know that a child wasn’t just given tylenol etc to cover a fever so the kids can pass a temperature check. Some people send their kids to school sick or not because they work or want free time to do things & go places without their children. I have multiple auto immune diseases and spend a good part of the school year sick because my kids bring it home from school. My daughter missed a month of school due to being sick right before the school’s closed down this spring. How can you really be on top of social distancing with small children especially? They want to play with their friends . How do you control that? I respectfully don’t think you can do anything within the school to make me feel safe about sending my children back during this pandemic.

Extra cleaning of the school. Cleaning of ALL handrails and bathroom doorknobs( including each stall). Making sure that there is soap in every bathroom first thing EVERY day.

I want my kids back at school and I know school employees will only have the best interest of my children. No one can fix this situation, only make the best of it.

I’m just overly weary of how things will par take in learning. I know we cant help people from getting sick but we ourselves have been self quarantined at home since school let out and I’m not sure how many others have sone the same with their families so putting others at risk when going back to school if someone else has been in contact with areas or possible places that have carried. I would like my children’s lives for school to go back to normal but honestly would prefer to take as many precautions as we can so they dont get sick with it, or bring home to others whom are at high risk. Daughter has had pneumonia before and can easily catch it.

Washing of hands

Very strict testing of students and if you start seeing positives do remote learning

Children and staff to stay healthy if with a nasty cough stay home get well
Nothing just get back to normal life and school!!!!!

My child will not be wearing a mask to return to school. It impairs her already impaired breathing.

Making sure that all services are disinfected on a daily basis. Even maybe a mid day sanitation. And educating students on their own sanitation
If your sick or coughing stay home. Take all childrens temperatures before entering school. I would help voluntarily if needed.

nothing will make us comfortable


Safety measures will only work if they are REQUIRED and ENFORCED for ALL
stakeholders. (Students, teachers, parents…anyone who is the school) For example, if classrooms are required to have 6 feet between people and masks worn, then having a sporting event where athletes and spectators are in close contact without masks or social distancing, it negates the efforts in the classrooms.

I am saying this as a person who wears a mask and maintains healthly distance from others when out and about. I do believe that children need to be back in school. I believe this can be done if everyone follows the same rules and they are mandated and applied across the board.

I do not and will not have my children wear a mask. There a health risk that are caused from such. Asthma, and the inability to seen faces and interact. The mental side effect from being made to feel life is no longer safe. Also the loss of normal contact and interactions can have a large mental side effect. I want my child to be able to return to a normal school environment and ask that the school works hard to help ensure that this can happen.


More regular sanitizing of the building, more adequate space for lunch
I think having teachers move from classroom to classroom for different classes would be better than having students move from room to room.
More general cleaning

Making sure there is enough hand sanitizer and lotion available to faculty and students

Daily wiping of flat surfaces. and more handwashing times available
Temp taking and social distancing measures and lots of hand washing
I did not answer most of the questions because I didn’t feel the answer choices allowed for an accurate response.

That being said, safety measures will only work if they are REQUIRED and ENFORCED for ALL stakeholders. (Students, teachers, staff, parents…anyone who is in the school or on school property) For example, it is ridiculous to expect a kindergarten teacher to actually teach, be required to keep masks PROPERLY on student faces, and keep them 6 feet apart, but then host a sporting event where athletes and spectators are in close contact without masks or social distancing. That is a double standard and negates the work who are following the rules. Rule enforcement, there is the key. No matter what rules are decided, they need to be ENFORCED across the board for all school functions and activities.

It’s hard. I’d wish our kids when they go back to not have a ton of restrictions. If all the restrictions are in place should they really be going back? I don’t think my 6/7 year old could /would wear a mask all day. A lot of the questions I was really in the middle. I just don’t know. So much unknown. I recognize that many parents must work outside the home they can’t continue to do home school. I could continue to homeschool as long as needed. That’s the difference. I can’t expect other families to do what we do if they can’t. I will support whatever the school decides. I know this is massively hard. I don’t really have a solid opinion or answer. I feel for the teachers too. The additional expectations on top of everything else.

Praying for clarity.


My concern is daycare. If the school decides to go morning and afternoon, then my kids will not have anywhere to go, and we will be forced to open enroll (which I don’t want to do). If my kids are not in school, they will have to go to their daycare provider in Mt. Pleasant. She could have up to 12+ kids at a time if they all are on the same day. She doesn’t have room for this, so we may not have that option. I can educate my kids at home, but I won’t be here all day if we are required to be at school, so our daycare provider will have to do school stuff at daycare and she’s not prepared to do that.

play it by ear, if we need to adjust so be it.. Keep everything clean, practice SD, Wash your hands, ETC..

Following all CDC and IDPH guidance and recommendations and continued monitoring and implementation of any changes. Consistent enforcement of distancing rules and proper wearing of PPE. Enforcement of isolation rules if Ill. Sending home if respiratory/airborne concerns pose risk to others.

Enforcement of not sending kids to school when sick.

Daily cleaning of ALL handrails and ALL bathroom door knobs.

Online learning

A required test verifying a positive case is no longer positive, which my child never received and never made sense to me. It was just assumed that she was no longer a threat because she wasn’t symptomatic anymore.
Covid is the least of my worries. You stop bullying and we’re good!

I’m comfortable with sending my children back to school, if you feel sick stay home