Superintendent Updates


By October 18, 2019 No Comments

Hello W-MU Community,

We are almost a quarter of the way through the school year already.  A lot has happened in the first few weeks.  We’ve seen some success with our fall sports teams, and I’m sure many are starting to look forward to the winter basketball and wrestling seasons.

With every new year, there are new faces (both staff and students), which is exciting to see.  This year, we welcome Mark Griffin/PE, Rebecca Strothman/FCS, Sasha Gallagher/PreK, Leslie Edwards and Brooke Rowe/Associates.

Our enrollment overall is down compared to last year by about 17 students.

Safety and security is a special emphasis for us this year.  We are developing and practicing safety procedures with staff and have held some drills with students already.  This week, we held staff training for implementation of Run, Hide, Fight procedures in an active shooter situation.  The next steps involve teaching our students these same procedures.  It’s important to know that practicing how to respond is only part of a comprehensive strategy.  We also continue to emphasize kindness, inclusion and positive behavioral support for students.  This looks different in the elementary compared to the secondary levels, but improving the climate and culture is an ongoing effort at W-MU.

Speaking of school improvement, there is an opportunity to be involved in providing guidance and feedback to our work educating kids.  If you’d like to serve on an advisory committee to serve this purpose, please contact me by phone or email.  The committee is now being formed, and will be officially approved by the school board at it’s Nov. 13th meeting.

Please look for continuing updates from me as we journey through the rest of this school year.